About us - dumplings festival & event catering

We use recycled & compostable dishes


We started as Dumplings Dumplings Dumplings in 2007 and in 2014 changed our name to Food4nergy.


Food4energy was created to offer the highest standard of fresh healthy catering to special events held at any location, no matter how unique or challenging.  Our company’s main focus is on providing high energy, quality, festival and sporting event food, sauces and salads outside a restaurant environment.


Through dedication our special events’ catering has grown rapidly and Food4energy has secured contracts with many major local and international special events.


Special events’ catering has changed in recent years with more and more demand for healthy catering outlets.  This is where Food4energy comes in-

We now use our own grass fed beef and vegetables from a small farm in Edi Upper , North East Victoria.


Food4energy is fully aware of the environmental impact of festivals and special events and plays its part in helping to reduce this by using recycled and compostable plates, cups, chopsticks and cornstarch forks.