Menu - dumplings festival and event catering


Food for Energy 

Dumplings either Steamed or Fried

Pork & Coriander

Chicken & Garlic
Prawn & Lemongrass

Beef & Ginger

Shark Fin

Chinese Spinach & Shiitake Mushroom (Vegan/Vegetarian)


Home made Dim Sims

Pork & Beef


Rice Paper Rolls

Shredded Beef & Beetroot w Horseradish

Spicy Chicken w Wombok and Thai Basil

Pulled Pork w Quinoa and Crunchy Bean Shoots


Aussie / Vietnamese Banh Mi mini Baguettes

Beef or Chicken w crunchy healthy salad



Steamed Jasmine Rice

Asian style salad



Light Soy Sauce

Very Special Dumpling Sauce

Fuk Fuk Sauce (Hot)